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The most sophisticated techniques of shooting and vision combined with dedicated software

Through systems of "scanning vision", you can store aGigapixelsimage (in a size that is extremely large), on which SIND facial localization algorithms enable to extrapolate the faces present in a scene and to carry out zoom operations ensuring a high quality result on the recorded target.

Remote management

The capture and preview phase can be managed remotely.

The need to film and record events that are associated with large numbers of people

The scanning technique consists of a tool that drives a digital camera, calculating the positions of the images and creating different portions of the recorded scene. The software interlaces the portions detected, creating a complete image with a very high resolution.

Locate, store and categorize the faces of people in a scene

The SINDFace localization software extrapolates the faces visible in a scene and stores them in a separate folder, where theycan be viewed and searched through support to a reference database.

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